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September 1, 2007

What's a "Mobile Gamma" anyway?

Orange County Library System is a leader in providing innovative library services. On May 24, 2007, the Mobile Gamma service model was implemented. This improved model is designed to make sure our customers receive assistance wherever and whenever they need it. Have you ever been just a little hesitant to walk up to one of those big desks where everyone looks too busy to disturb? This is our attempt to remove that barrier.

What is Mobile Gamma?

· Mobile – the ability to move throughout our service area and not be confined to a stationary point; actively seeking customers to assist.

· Gamma – a state of continual improvement; derived from the software development cycle (alpha – first working version; beta – first version released to the public for testing; and then gamma – runs smoothly, always looking for ways to improve).

Mobile Gamma’s first goal is to create the most positive experience possible for our customers. Staff members are actively seeking out customers, offering assistance wherever customers are within the building and escorting them wherever they need to go to fulfill their information needs. The second goal, also very important, is to reach out to a greater number of customers. While not every customer needs assistance, we try to greet every customer to let them know we are available should they need any help.

Mobile Gamma’s defining characteristic is continual improvement. With input from staff members and customers, we are continuing to improve the Mobile Gamma model and make it a responsive service model. By creating a responsive service model, we have the flexibility to react to customer usage levels instantly, and provide efficient and effective service.

Have you had a Mobile Gamma experience? Let us know how we did!

Mary Anne

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