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March 1, 2008

We Need Your Opinion

The Library made a commitment to keep you informed regarding the impacts of property tax reform on the Library's budget. We respect the public's decision on January 29, 2008 to approve Amendment 1 to further reduce property taxes. The purpose of this message is to give you a projected impact of property tax reform on the library and how we are making plans for the future.

The impact of the property tax reform approved by the Legislature last June, Amendment 1, as well as normal inflationary increases on the cost of doing business is an expected $3.5 million shortfall in the Library's expected revenue. Our figures are preliminary since the real impact or the property tax reform measures will not be known until the end of May when the Property Appraiser's office releases the preliminary updated property values. Until that time, we will continue to seek and review options to decrease costs and increase revenues. All items are on the table and under consideration. As we continue with this process, we are also mindful that the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission is making proposals which could affect the Library's budget in future years.

An important part of our planning is dialog with staff, the Library Board of Trustees, and you, the Library user. As Library Director, I have held a series of meetings with nearly 200 staff members to date to gather their ideas and input regarding how the Library might address the shortfall for next fiscal year which begins October 1, 2008. Our staff are a very dedicated and knowledgeable group and have shown great thought and creativity to continue providing the quality of service for which the Library is so well known.

We need to hear from you as well. It is important to understand where you prefer your service dollars to go and we ask that you take this brief survey to help us.

Mary Anne Hodel

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