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May 23, 2007

Computer Tips and Tricks:

If you love "eye candy", fancy animations and visual effects in your computer, this week's computer tips and tricks is for you. If you don't have Windows Vista, you can actually download cool programs in your computer and apply all of these visual effects. We're going to introduce you to Glass2k and WindowFX.

Glass2k is a program that allows you to make your computer windows transparent. This is an advantage (of course aside from having a cool glass-like window) when you have several windows open, you don't have to keep moving windows around to view certain data. To start using Glass2K, just follow these steps:
  1. Click here to download Glass2K. Once downloaded, open it. A splash screen will display, followed by the Settings window. (You can also see the Glass2K icon in your taskbar)
  2. In the Settings Window, you can select Glass2K to run on start up. You can also change your Keyboard Shortcuts. Ctrl +Shift is the default hotkey. Pressing this hotkey plus a number (0-9) will indicate how transparent you would like the window to be. You can also right click anywhere in the open window and a pop-up menu will appear.

  3. glass2ksettings.png
    With Glass2k, your screen would be able to look like this:

The next program that we would like to share is called WindowFX. This is a shareware program that allows you to add a number of special effects to windows. Some of its features are its ability to morph windows when minimizing and maximizing, its wide range of semitrasparency options and more. Many of these effects are actually found in Windows Vista but you can now also have them in XP/2003.
  1. Click here to download WindowFX.
  2. After the installation, a window will appear. Select Continue and then a settings wizard will appear. That will allow you to select what specials effects you would like to add.

  3. effectsvis4.jpg
  4. Read the description of each effect and decide whether you would like it or not. Click Next.
  5. Continue the settings set up in this manner. You can also see a preview of some of the settings.
  6. windowsfx.jpg
Now, after all these downloads, you can now enjoy your computer with all of its special effects. Enjoy!

Keep checking our blog for more computer tips and tricks. Also, register for computer classes at any Orange County library. Remember these classes are free for Orange County residents.
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May 21, 2007

Photo Gallery - Author Martha Powers at Southwest April 27

Martha Powers, thriller/mystery writer from Vero Beach, Florida captivated the audience with her wit and humor about the writing life and discussed her latest book, Death Angel. Afterwards, Richard Maladecki, Dr. Phillips Rotary Club member informed Ms Powers that Rotary high school scholarship funds will be given in her honor and presented her with a certificate. Ms Powers spent time after her presentation talking with the audience and signing copies of her book. Martha Powers was the second in the Dr. Phillips Rotary Club's Author Series held annually in partnership with the Orange County Library System.



May 14, 2007

Bring Your Son and Daughter to Work April 26

It wasn't exactly a son or daughter, but Joseph, grandson of Southwest circulation clerk, Alba; and Brandon, nephew of Southwest circulation clerk, Norma enjoyed their day "working" at the Southwest Library. We appreciated their enthusiasm (and bravery!) for helping out. It was a joy to see our jobs through "new eyes."
Joseph and Brandon - you are welcome back anytime!