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January 27, 2011

Nutrition for Busy People with Pamela Vergari Jan. 31


It's a new year and it can be a new you too! This program will help you get on track with improving your eating habits.

We all know when life get hectic, it's easy to neglect healthy eating habits. Certified Holistic Health Coach Pamela Vergari will teach you ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the go. Pamela will also speak about the benefits of organic and the dangers of a diet high in processed foods.

For more information, call 407.835.7323.

Monday, January 31
7:00 p.m.
Southwest Branch Library

January 11, 2011

Southwest Book Club Meets January 18


The Southwest Book Club will meet on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Southwest Library to discuss Ford County: Stories by longtime bestselling author, John Grisham. Grisham presents seven short stories about the residents of Ford County, Mississippi. Each story explores different themes-mourning, revenge, justice, acceptance, evolution. As always, Grisham balances his lawyerly preoccupations with a deep respect for his undereducated and overlooked characters.

Anyone age 18 or older is welcome to attend. The book club meets monthly at the Southwest Branch Library. For more information, please call 407.835.7323 or email southwest@ocls.info

Copies of this book may be reserved for home delivery or location pick-up at http://www.ocls.info

For more information, please call 407.835.7323 or email southwest@ocls.info

Discussion Questions
If you are unable to attend the meeting or you would like to join our discussion, you can share your thoughts or respond to the discussion questions below. Simply click "Comments" located at the bottom of this post. Join the discussion!

1. How do the small-town lawyers in Ford County compare to some of the high-powered attorneys featured in John Grisham's other works? What struggles and temptations do they all have in common?

2. How do the residents of Ford County imagine city life--Memphis, San Francisco, New York? What determines whether they fear it or crave it?

3. Whose lives are changed for the better by the legal agreements and maneuvers described in Ford County? What is the most significant factor in whether the law is a force for good or evil in these stories?

4. Tort reform has received much publicity in recent years. Discuss the question of damages raised in stories such as "Fish Files," "Michael's Room," and "Quiet Haven." When should an injured person be entitled to financial compensation? What should drive the dollar amount of that compensation?

5. What makes Grisham's approach to storytelling so appropriate for short fiction? Linked by time and place, do the stories in Ford County form a novel, in a way?

Discussion questions were obtained at http://litlovers.com/guide_ford_county.html