What is the Southwest Blog?

A blog is a shortened form of the word "weblog." A blog is a different kind or form of website. A blog's content and purpose varies. Some are simply personal diaries (no lock and key here), some focus on a specific subject such as politics or travel, and some are primarily "newsy" and informational-like this one. Also, links to other sites on the web are common. You can think of a blog as a kind of instant messenger to the web. The main features of a blog which make it different from a regular website include:
  • Content is presented in an ongoing series of data entries or posts-kind of like a diary or journal
  • Typically displayed in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry on top
  • Latest news or information is easy to identifiy
  • Allows for comments regarding a specific post from the readers
  • For the nontechnical person-no knowledge of HTML or uploading files is necessary.

The Southwest Library's blog is created by the staff. Check it often to stay updated on children and adult programs, book news and book club discussions, computer classes, art exhibits, new library materials, and more. Email us your suggestions or questions; or post a comment. Let us hear from you.

Welcome to the Southwest blog!

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