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Can We Talk? | April 16, 2010

OCLS is an innovative library especially when it comes to technology, however, we also know that sometimes it's just nice to talk to a person. We have the technology in place to do just that through Ask a Librarian.

When you click on the chat button, your question enters a queue for the on-duty Florida librarians. When the librarian accepts your question, you are able to chat one-on-one with that librarian while he or she helps you find what you need by guiding you through the myriad of resources available. The librarian might screen-share these resources with you.

If the librarian cannot answer your question during the session, he or she may suggest other sources for you to try that cannot be accessed in the online environment or ask for your contact information so he or she or your local library may follow up with you.

Once the session ends, you will be given the option to view and print your transcript or e-mail the session to yourself for later use. The transcript will provide links to all of the resources you visited during the session.

Take a look at a live demo and then give it a whirl.

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