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Recipe for Success

May 14, 2010 | 9:19 AM

Even though the title of this blog is JobSpot, unfortunately, due to budget concerns we haven't been able to post any job openings since it was launched. That however, doesn't take away from the significance of this blog. We know many people are desperately searching for jobs, here at OCLS and everywhere... so it's our goal to help you find that job; and we believe the resources at OCLS are second to none.

These resources are the ingredients in your recipe for success.

• 1 OCLS Library Card
• 2 Computer Classes
• 3 Career Track Videos
• 4 Databases
• 1 Second Language
• 1 Type of Downloadable Media


Get a library card, and/or pay off those fines!

Come to any library or go to www.ocls.info to register for a computer class. Add two computer classes (Resume Writing I and Microsoft Word) to your calendar so you won't miss them. Repeat until performing content becomes effortless.

View the course track videos for insight into three specific careers; take a look and see if you are interested. Combine with a career assessment from the Skills Center on Tutor.com - career center. Once there, follow these steps:

• Under topic select Adult Services
• Under subject select Job Resources
• Under sub topic select career assessment.

Peruse the Career Transitions database to get practical, personalized and guided experience that includes career and industry projections, interviewing tips, networking tips and job searching guidance. Add the Business and Company Resource Center which will provide you with career and investment opportunities, business rankings and company histories.

Garnish with Rocket Languages and brush up on your second language skills.

Download an eBook or new song to listen to on the way to your new job!

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